Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random TV Title: Flying High

Hey, Hollywood, if you wanna remake old TV shows, why bother with stuff people actually enjoyed like KNIGHT RIDER and HAWAII FIVE-0, when there are plenty of series like this just aching for a 21st-century reinvention?

Actually, it would be difficult to remake FLYING HIGH, because it was about the adventures of three sexy stewardesses, and when is the last time you saw three hot women working the same flight?

Only thirteen episodes plus a two-hour pilot were aired of FLYING HIGH, which premiered in the fall of 1978. Connie Sellecca, later to star in THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO and HOTEL, co-starred with Kathryn Witt (later in STAR 80 and LOOKER) and Pat Klous, who went on to replace Lauren Tewes on THE LOVE BOAT. You wouldn't think that stewardesses could get into much trouble, but our heroines clashed with drug smugglers, mad gunmen, old flames, new beaus, and even Wayne Newton before CBS canceled the series.

Here's the show's main titles, taken from the episode "Swan Song for an Ugly Duckling," aired December 22, 1978. See if you recognize that week's guest stars:

The FLYING HIGH theme was composed by David Shire, best known for THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE.

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