Saturday, August 19, 2006

Chicken's Man-Crush

Will Chicken still think Mark Harmon is a badass after he sees this amazing clip of Harmon singing?


That's from an ABC series called 240-ROBERT that I thought kicked major ass when it was on back in the early 1980's. It basically was a ripoff of CHIPS; both were produced by Rick Rosner. Harmon and John Bennett Perry (father of FRIENDS' Matthew Perry) were basically cops/rescue workers who drove around in a cool truck, while Joanna Cassidy provided air support in a helicopter. It was a straightforward action series, like CHIPS, and you can imagine how a scene like the one above must have given the audience a major case of whiplash due to the pacing coming to a complete halt. I don't know if Harmon really believed he was a good singer or not, but since he's still acting 25 years later and not singing, I suppose somebody let him know.

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