Friday, August 11, 2006

One Last Candice Post

A fan of the late '70s cult movie star Candice Rialson has recently uploaded the trailer to CHATTERBOX to YouTube. CHATTERBOX was the last film in which the 27-year-old actress starred. As effervescent and appealing as she is in CHATTERBOX, it's easy to see why she apparently gave up on the Hollywood scene shortly thereafter. Once you've played a woman who goes on tour with a singing vagina, where do you go from there?

Not to make CHATTERBOX out to be anything more than it is, but it's actually nowhere near as smutty as you would guess. To paraphrase Jack Hill's comment on his own THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, if Walt Disney had made a movie about a singing vagina, it would have been CHATTERBOX.

Grady and I watched CHATTERBOX one evening, and I think he may still be a little stunned by it. I have an original 1-sheet hanging on my living room wall.

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