Friday, May 15, 2009

Final Episode of Prison Break TONIGHT

It's true--I absolutely love PRISON BREAK, which leaves the airwaves tonight after four seasons on Fox.

If you're curious to know more about the show and the truly bizarre path it took this season, in terms of completely revamping its premise, here's a month-old interview with producer Matt Olmstead (NYPD BLUE) that won't give away any spoilers.

P.S. The 23rd and 24th episodes Olmstead refers to are coming out this summer on DVD and Blu-ray as a direct-to-video "movie" awkwardly called PRISON BREAK: THE FINAL BREAK. Yes, I'll be Netflixing that ASAP.


katie said...

i've watched all episodes.

Anonymous said...

I just seen the final episode, I live in Ireland. Leathal show!

emma said...

I seen the last epoised and i never thought i would cry but guess what i did. ;-(