Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Now, This Is Salesmanship

Notice the menace in announcer Ernie Anderson's voice at the end of his STRIKE FORCE promo. "Like yours." Striking fear into the viewer's heart to make watching ABC's dumb formula cop show something more personal and relevant. I love it.

Also, James Coburn hosts the horror anthology DARKROOM, which did some interesting tales.


Moviezzz said...
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Hal said...

That looks like Lynne Moody (NIGHTMARE IN BADHAM COUNTY) doing the bump by the pool in the "Strike Force" promo.

The Greek said...

DARKROOM was great...I was always creeped out by that "camera roving through an empty house at a low angle" opening. I really wish Universal would get this series on out DVD, but I guess without a big-screen remake, that's not likely to happen.