Tuesday, May 05, 2009

So Long, Dom

Dom DeLuise passed away at the age of 75. An incredibly funny comic best known for appearing in Burt Reynolds and Mel Brooks films, DeLuise should be remembered for much more than that. My first recommendation would be to check out his 1973 sitcom LOTSA LUCK, which cast him as a single bus driver living in a house with his sister, his mother, and his lazy brother-in-law, all of whom drove him crazy. It's a good little series that surprisingly available on DVD. Also available from Netflix is the legendary EVIL ROY SLADE, one of the all-time funniest TV-movies, casting John Astin as a wily Western outlaw and Dom in a small role as a shrink.

I'll take the opportunity to link to three old posts that mentioned Dom DeLuise:

Here is getting the shit slapped out of him by Burt Reynolds.

Scroll down a bit to read about Dom's egg fight with Johnny Carson.

And a review of the execrable LOOSE CANNONS in this post about Bob Clark's death.

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Anonymous said...

I wish he had have recorded his voice for GPS like his co-star Burt Reynolds has. it would have been cool to have them both giving you funny-turn-by turn directions. I got Reynolds from a site called Navtones but if anyone knows where I can get DeLuise from, let me know.