Monday, January 01, 2007

I Go To Pieces

I'm a big fan of opening title sequences of television series; so much so that I recently made a 2-hour compilation DVD of them (and, yes, I understand this does not make me cool). It's always fun to see one (and the show that goes with it) for the first time, and here's the excellent titles to JIGSAW JOHN.

I've never seen JIGSAW JOHN and am not likely to, but I'd like to see it. Running only 14 episodes as an NBC midseason replacement in 1976, the cop show starred the wonderful late character actor Jack Warden as "Jigsaw John" St. John, a Los Angeles police detective who received his nickname because of his great skill at piecing together clues and solving crimes. Alan Feinstein played John's partner, and Pippa Scott was his love interest. As with most cop shows of the 1970s, every JIGSAW JOHN episode offered at least one recognizable guest star (Pernell Roberts, Robert Reed, Michael Ansara, Luke Askew, Tim Matheson and many more).

JIGSAW JOHN didn't last long, but if the producers put as much effort into creating scripts as they did with this imaginative title sequence, the series may have been pretty good. I believe the driving JIGSAW JOHN theme was composed by Pete Rugolo (THE FUGITIVE).

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