Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don't, Son, That Gun Is Loaded

One of the most badass action pics of the 1990s is coming to DVD...finally. I think just about every other Brian Bosworth movie is already out, except, of course, his first and best. Not that I expect it to sell many based on the box art. Seriously, is there any other way MGM could have screwed this up? It looks like MURDER AT 1600 2. Where are the Harleys, the exploding helicopter, crazy William Forsythe, hot biker chicks in Daisy Dukes and Lance Fucking Henriksen, for crying out loud?

If you've never seen STONE COLD, don't let this boring DVD package put you off. It's a very cool stuntfest, briskly directed by Craig R. Baxley (I COME IN PEACE). Look for it June 12.


Anonymous said...

It's about damn time. The VHS version has been on my Amazon wish list for a year.

Anonymous said...

June 12 won't get here fast enough. I suggest a celebratory lunch at Penn Station followed by a trip to Best Buy. I'll ride my "hog" through the front doors into the DVD aisle.