Sunday, October 07, 2007

And One More TNT

Okay, one more TNT novel, the last one I have (though I need to track down more). In the fifth in Doug Masters' paperback series (I missed #4, THE DEVIL'S CLAW), KILLER ANGEL, Tony Nicholas Twin is vacationing in Greece, where he receives a message that October, his retarded 16-year-old daughter, is ill at the Twins' Ireland home. His charter plane is diverted to Albania, where he is arrested for spying (it's a long story) and ends up a prisoner of Giallica Kadar, the young wife of the impotent president of Albania who entertains her husband by having sex with men who resemble Joseph Stalin while he watches from behind one-way glass. Giallica is organizing her insidious version of the Olympics, which she calls the Hercules Games. To train her athletes, she has enlisted Wolfgang Amadeus, a madman who floats above the ground on his metal legs which contain a radio, tape recorder and even a laser that fires from his left kneecap.

Of course, Twin becomes one of Giallica's athletes and must compete in her diabolical events, like outracing a tank before a hail of machine gun bullets mows him down or swimming in a pit of carbonic acid while a scuba-suited killer with a flamethrower filled with napalm stalks him. TNT is also forced to make love to a dozen women one at a time while Giallica watches; if he fails to bring one to orgasm, Giallica will kill her.

Yep, it's another incredibly screwed-up TNT novel, though I suspect someone else besides the original "Doug Masters" wrote this one. It's not unusual for quickie paperback series to be written by different authors under a house name, and KILLER ANGEL's style is different than the others I've written. TNT's thoughts are revealed more often, and Arnold Benedict is written to be almost likable, more like comic relief than the sick, paranoid, murderous pervert we've seen in previous books.

I believe there are at least seven TNT novels, and I don't see any way I can avoid reading the rest of them. I'm hooked on the crazy.


Andrew Byers said...

Just wanted to thank you for the reviews of the TNT books on your site. Hilariously written, they come as close as possible to capturing the almost surreal level of insanity the books contain. I agree with you, I have never come across any other books that even begin to approach this level of bizarre sex, violence, and, of course, deathtraps. I got turned on to the books years ago by a former colleague who mentioned how he and his cousins came across the first TNT novel at the tender age of fourteen. The brief description he provided was enough to send me off on a mission to locate the entire series.

I've read (and enjoyed) all seven of them and came across your site while googling "Doug Masters" to see if he had written any other books. No idea who the real author(s) are behind this pseudonym, and as far as I can tell, the TNT books are the only ones to carry the name Doug Masters. Alas.

Marty McKee said...

Thanks, Andrew. You'll be happy to know that, just by coincidence, I happened to finish another TNT novel last night--the first one I've been able to get my hands on since last year. I hope to write about RITUAL OF BLOOD soon, and then read the (I believe) final TNT novel after that. Then, I'll have just one more to track down (THE DEVIL'S CLAW).

Andrew Byers said...

That is great to hear, looking forward to the future reviews! It's odd that no one ever talk about TNT, because it's actually a heck of a lot of fun.

I'd send you my copy of THE DEVIL'S CLAW but I have a soft spot in my heart for these insane books. I used to have an extra copy of THE DEVIL'S CLAW as well but I gave it away years ago to the guy who first introduced me to the series. Looks like has a number of cheap copies (as well as a copy for $49!!!) available though.

Wish we knew who the real author was behind TNT.