Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tim McCarver Is An Idiot

Goddamn it, why does Fox continue to employ Tim McCarver as a commentator on its postseason baseball telecasts? McCarver is far and away one of the worst baseball announcers in broadcast history, and you can count on him to say something stupid every time he's on the air.

Tonight, during Game 2 of the Boston/Cleveland American League Championship Series, McCarver said Mike Lowell, who had 120 RBIs during the regular season, "drove in more runs batted in...more runs...than any other Boston third baseman." Considering Lowell played 154 games and 1324 innings at third, and the runner-up with Kevin Youkilis at 13 games and 108 innings, I'd say that's about the most useless analysis McCarver could have come up with. Lowell tossed the ball around the horn between innings more than any other Boston third baseman too. You know why? Because he's the only Boston third baseman!

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J. Brown said...

Turns out that if you dig around Fox's websites deep enough, you'll stumble across some of their internal memos that reiterate company values, such as their hatred for Baseball, America, Baby Jesus, and small-chested women.