Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ernie Anderson...Back From The Dead?

Thanks to Rich for pointing this out to me. One of ABC's promos for its upcoming cop show, LIFE ON MARS, about a 2008 cop who is transported backward in time to 1973, is produced in the ABC style for that period. Including the old ABC logo, the use of Earle Hagen's MOD SQUAD theme, and a kickass voiceover that sounds incredibly like the network's late announcer, Ernie Anderson.

It doesn't look like ABC allows embedding of its clips, but head over to the official LIFE ON MARS site, and click on the video marked "The Mean Streets of NYC."


Anonymous said...

OK, that was pretty awesome!

ArugulaZ said...

I just caught this! The voice-over was incredibly close to the real thing... I did a double take when I first heard it. I wonder what the estate of Ernie Anderson thinks about this...?