Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Kotter Vs. Pappy

One of the greatest moments in television history is a pissed-off Robert Conrad (BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP) getting his ass reamed by actor Gabriel Kaplan (WELCOME BACK, KOTTER) in a 100-yard dash in the very first BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS in 1976. I have heard that his fellow performers and competitors thought Conrad was a real jackass, and this clip does nothing to dispel that notion. The thing that I guess you have to admire about Conrad is that he's completely nonplussed about being humiliated.


Anonymous said...

I still love Robert Conrad. I don't think he comes across so bad actually. He's the captain. But man, that Ben Murphy! Me-ow! And that's after he screwed it up for everyone!

Thanks for posting!

Hal said...

Conrad learned the hard way what the rest of us poker players all know: Don't &*^% with Gabe Kaplan!