Thursday, April 09, 2009

Chute To Kill

TERROR IN TAOS (Pinnacle, 1975) is an okay but not great edition of the long-lasting Penetrator series. The half-Cheyenne crimefighter flies to New Mexico to investigate the Mafia's theft of valuable Indian jewelry form a reservation. Posing as a reporter, he ingratiates himself with the leaders of a Native American uprising that has resulted in a complete takeover of Taos Pueblo. While federal officials ring the small town in fear of another Wounded Knee, Mark Hardin tries to prevent further bloodshed.

Hardin's "William Hansen, Jr." disguise bites the dust in this episode, which opens with the Penetrator parachuting from his beloved Beech Baron and leaving the body of a murderous pimp in it to fake his own death. Hardin poses as "John Savage" in TERROR IN TAOS, which doesn't fool his old government foe, Howard Goodman, the head of the FBI's special Penetrator Squad, who knows the mercenary is still alive somewhere.

In another nod to continuity, the Mob boss targeting Taos Pueblo turns out to be the UCLA football star who kneecapped Hardin in college, when the "goody-two-shoes" wouldn't go along with his point-shaving scheme. The injury ruined Mark's chance for a pro career, but he gets the last laugh in the final chapter of TERROR IN TAOS.

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