Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Guiding Light Is Out

After more than 72 years and nearly 16,000 episodes on radio and television, CBS is cancelling THE GUIDING LIGHT. I'm not a soap fan, and I doubt I've ever seen a full episode of THE GUIDING LIGHT, but it's still a shame for a series this historic to disappear. I fully understand that the daytime soap is a dying genre, what with fewer women home to watch them, but it's still too bad.


Chicken said...


Kool Mo P said...

So you're saying that women need to stay home and watch TV? Wow. WOW. I'm not reading this blog anymore.

Brewer Bertram said...

Sexist? No. He did not say women need to stay home? He's stating facts. There's a reason ratings are down. Reread the post, please.