Saturday, April 11, 2009

Random Comic Book Splash Page #16

I know—not a splash page—but it's one of my favorite moments from any Batman comic book and a prime example of what's wrong with comics today. There's no reason why Batman can't be both a dark avenger of the night and a human being with a sense of humor.From "Half an Evil," a wonderful but too-short 15-page Two-Face mystery from BATMAN #234, August 1971. For my money, the early to mid 1970s was the Batman character at its best, as shepherded by editor Julius Schwartz; writers Denny O'Neil, Frank Robbins, and David V. Reed; and artists Neal Adams, Sal Amendola, Dick Giordano, Irv Novick, Bob Brown, and Jim Aparo, among others. O'Neil, Adams, Giordano, and Schwartz were responsible for this story, which has been reprinted many times.


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Elliott Broidy said...

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