Monday, November 03, 2008

Attack, Sasquatch!

And sometimes you just want to see an attractive young woman fighting Bigfoot.

If Lindsay Wagner tussling with Ted Cassidy as the alien robot Bigfoot doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe a bearded and petulant John Saxon in purple does. Also in that clip are Sandy Duncan, Stefanie Powers and Charles Cyphers, the sheriff from HALLOWEEN. From the second season premiere of THE BIONIC WOMAN, "The Return of Bigfoot, Part II" (Part I was on THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN three days earlier).


larryav8r said...

Do you really need bionic hearing to know Sasquatch is on the move?

wiec? said...

love that golden kerchief saxon is rocking. saxon's whole get up makes him look like the futuristic father of freddy mercury. like he looked in the closet and thought "i'll wear the grimace colored leisure suit today."

and every time i see sandy duncun i think of triskits and wheat thins and her flying over head dressed as peter pan.