Sunday, November 02, 2008

Finally! Stunt Rock On DVD!

If you have never experienced the awe of STUNT ROCK, your chance is coming early next year. That is, if you have a DVD player that accepts Region 4 discs. Madman Entertainment in Australia has STUNT ROCK available for preordering right now at less than $20.00. In case my earlier post to which I linked above hasn't convinced you of the genius of STUNT ROCK, Madman has the trailer online here.


elgringo said...

That looks incredible!
First, I need to but a region free player.
Second, I need to find an extra twenty bucks.
Third, I need to buy that DVD.
Then I'll be happy...

Neil Sarver said...

Most excellent! I should have my DVD player by then. Yay!

Anonymous said...

No worries. Remastered, digitized version of STUNT ROCK released 8//25/09 by Code Red DVD with mucho bonus features, including additional Grant Page stunt work.