Sunday, November 16, 2008

Random Comic Book Splash Page #1

From Atlas/Seaboard's blatant PLANET OF THE APES ripoff title (as is obvious from the splash page so reminiscent of the spaceship crash in APES) PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES #1, February 1975. Art by Pat Broderick & Frank McLaughlin; script by Larry Hama.


Robert said...

I remembered enjoying that comic, but I don't think it was around very long. The issues I had likely were second-hand trades.

Marty McKee said...

No Atlas/Seaboard title lasted more than four issues. PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES ran three, and I think had a different creative team for each issue (not unusual for this company).

Doc Thompson said...

Thank god.this one almost as stupid as Moorcock 2OO1.First,they kill off the old guy,because old guys are boring.Then females,making very gay.The acted like those in I AM LEGEND,but had fangs like classic vampire,even they were getting via transfusions.Also everything,even a bunch of street gangs wasa vampire.They two books.Monkey Planet and I AM LEGEND,turning it into shit