Monday, November 17, 2008

More A To Z

Thanks to those of you who created your own A-Z list in response to last weekend's meme. Definitely some interesting titles here.

From Frankie:

A-Almost Human
B-Burial Ground
C-Carnival Of Souls
D-Dawn Of The Dead
F-Fantasy Mission Force
G-Gore Gore Girls
H-Hell Of The Living Dead
I-Invasion De Los Muertos
J-Jack The Ripper (1976)
L-Last Man On Earth
N-Nightmare City
P-Planet Terror
Q-Quelli Che Contano
R-Return Of The Living Dead
S-Satan's Black Wedding
V-Virgin Among The Liiving Dead
W-What Have You Done To Our Daughters?
X-Xin Jing Cha Gu Shi
Y-Yakuza Papers

From Alan @ The Freakpit, who went with a post-apocalyptic (mostly) theme:
A Aftermath (1982)
B Beyond the Time Barrier (1960)
C Creation of the Humanoids (1962)
D Damnation Alley (1977)
E Earth Dies Screaming, The (1965)
F Final Programme, The (1973)
G Glen and Randa (1971)
H Hardware (1990)
I Idaho Transfer (1973)
J Journey to the Centre of Time (1967)
K Kaze no na wa amunejia (1993) (That's A Wind Named Amnesia, but I couldn't think of a K)
L Last Man on Earth (1964)
M Memoirs of a Survivor (1981)
N Night of the Comet (1984)
O Omega Man, The (1971)
P Panic in Year Zero! (1962)
Q Quintet (1979)
R Rats: Night of Terror (1984)
S Stryker (1983)
T Texas Gladiators (1982)
U Ultimate Warrior (1975)
V Vampire Hunter D (2000)
W Wheels of Fire (1985)
X X (1963)
Y Yasagure Anego Den: Dokatsu Rinchi (1973) (Female Yakuza Tale... I got stuck again)
Z Zardoz (1974)

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